I haven’t been so great at keeping up with “blogging” but now that my calendar is starting to fill up with families and Seniors this fall, I thought I should finally share some gorgeous Seniors from last season!  Baylee was so easy and fun to photograph and VERY stylish! XOXO


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I always love this time of year – SENIOR SEASON for pictures.   I just love getting to know all of these beautiful girls (and boys) and listening to them talk about how excited they are to “start their life”!  Their excitement and carpe diem attitude for their future is infectious!

This beauty kicked off my season in early January when it was still cold, but she completely rocked her session regardless of the weather!  Stay tuned, there are many more to come!

Senior 2016

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I remember it like it was yesterday – waiting in the hospital hallway to get word that my nephews were born.  I was anxious to meet them.  You see, these two made me an aunt and made my parents, grandparents.   They were incredibly special to us before we ever met.  I have had the honor to be fully present in their lives from the day they came into this world. They are now 18 and about to graduate high school.  Let me say that again, they are about to GRADUATE from high school.  I can say that statement a thousand times and it still doesn’t seem possible.   I remember when they were just babies and learning to walk.  It seems like only a short while ago.  Baseball has been a big part of their lives for as long as I can remember.  So it was a special treat for me to get them in their high school uniforms and take a few pictures on their field.  I’m so proud of the young men they have become and can’t wait to see what life has in store for them.  Congratulations to the “A” Team!  Remember to dream BIG boys, the world awaits you.

Britz baseball-10web
Baseball 2
britz web

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#tbt – circa 1988 – I have been friends with this wonderful woman for almost 3o years and I am so proud to be the Godmother to her first born!   The crazy thing is we have lived within 20 miles or so of each other for most of our adult lives.  I consider Jen to not only be one of my most FABULOUS friends but part of my family.  I absolutely adore her and her loves, so let’s meet the Karps!

If you live in Kingwood, Texas, you most likely know the Karp Family.  They are very social and involved in their community and most importantly, they have never met a stranger!  To know them is to love them!  A few things that you can be sure of when you are around this family is  1) You will always have a crazy, FUN time and fantastic conversation.  2)  You will notice that they have two of the most well mannered children on the planet!  3)  There is a pretty good chance you will be given a fun new nickname.  4)  You will always receive a thank you note, have your birthday remembered or might even get your house/car/horse wrapped on a special occasion.  5)  Beware that being invited by them to something where the word “bottomless mimosa” is involved might just lead to a very memorable and WILD time!  Finally, when you get to know them, the one thing you can be absolutely sure of is that you will walk away with a true and lasting friendship.  One that you will cherish for the rest of your life!

I love them and from a photographers standpoint, they are a dream client!  They are gorgeous and stylish, their connection to each other is undeniable and they are ALWAYS up for something fun and unique!  XOXOXO


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A little bit about the Kennys . . .

The Kenny family is a beautiful, picture perfect, all-American family.  They are such fun to be around and all have a wonderful quick wit.   They are always ready to share a laugh and enjoy life.  They have a FABULOUS sense of style!  They are athletic, kind, generous, philanthropic and will always be the first in line to help out when and where they can.  The Kennys are exactly the kind of people you would want as family, friends and/or neighbors.

I have been so lucky to get to know this family and photograph them over the past several years!

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