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Brothers and baseball

I remember it like it was yesterday – waiting in the hospital hallway to get word that my nephews were born.  I was anxious to meet them.  You see, these two made me an aunt and made my parents, grandparents.   They were incredibly special to us before we ever met.  I have had the honor to be fully present in their lives from the day they came into this world. They are now 18 and about to graduate high school.  Let me say that again, they are about to GRADUATE from high school.  I can sayView full post »

Meet the Karps | Kingwood Family Photographer

#tbt – circa 1988 – I have been friends with this wonderful woman for almost 3o years and I am so proud to be the Godmother to her first born!   The crazy thing is we have lived within 20 miles or so of each other for most of our adult lives.  I consider Jen to not only be one of my most FABULOUS friends but part of my family.  I absolutely adore her and her loves, so let’s meet the Karps! If you live in Kingwood, Texas, you most likely know the Karp Family.  They are veryView full post »

Meet the Kennys | Kingwood Family Photographer

A little bit about the Kennys . . . The Kenny family is a beautiful, picture perfect, all-American family.  They are such fun to be around and all have a wonderful quick wit.   They are always ready to share a laugh and enjoy life.  They have a FABULOUS sense of style!  They are athletic, kind, generous, philanthropic and will always be the first in line to help out when and where they can.  The Kennys are exactly the kind of people you would want as family, friends and/or neighbors. I haveView full post »

For the love of dance

Okay, I think it is safe to say that I have a little crush on all of the ballerinas and dancers I have  had the privilege of shooting lately.  The grace and fluidity of their movements, their beautiful poses and lines and the absolute dedication and  commitment to their craft is impressive to say the least.  Here is just one of the girls I have seen lately and I am sure that GREAT things are in her future.  She is an amazing talent!View full post »

A girl and her horse . . .

It’s no secret that I love animals so when I get a chance to capture that special bond between a human and an animal – I jump at it! Ms. B certainly didn’t disappoint. Her love for Rio is abundant as is his for her. This sweet pair certainly does prove that LOVE is the tie that binds.View full post »

It’s finally here!!!

Well, as you might have noticed it has been months of transitioning my website to this new blogsite. I am so excited that it is finally done (for the most part)!!! I am still making a few little changes so please be patient with me! I really want to thank my dear friend, Neha for all of her help. Without her, I believe this blogsite may have never seen the light of day! So. . . what can you expect to find here? I will post recent sessions, helpful tips and anything that is fun and informative.View full post »